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Developer Program

Platform Details

  • What are the mig33 APIs?

    mig33 offers several powerful APIs for integrating applications into its service:

    People Enables applications to access information about mig33 users and their social graph.
    AppData Enables applications to store, update, and read information about a mig33 user.
    Message Enables applications to send messages to mig33 users via mig33 email.
    Activity Enables applications to notify mig33 users of an in-game event.
    Invitation Enables mig33 users to send invitations for the application to their mig33 friends.
    External Invitation Enables mig33 users to send invitations for mig33 and the application to non-mig33 contacts.
    Payment Enables applications to charge users for in-game purchases.
  • What online environments are available for development?

    A sandbox environment is available for development and testing before your application is launched.

  • Where can I find the technical documentation for mig33 development?

    Technical documentation is available under in the mig33 Developer Centre.

Business Support

General Issues

  • How do I join the mig33 community?

    To join the mig33 community, you will first need to register with us. During the registration process, you will need to create a mig33 username, enter a valid mobile phone number, and set-up a personal security question. It is important that you remember your selected security question and answer for future use.

    Upon completing the registration form, an SMS will automatically be sent to your mobile phone with an authentication code to activate your mig33 account. Authenticate your account with the code to enjoy the full features mig33 has to offer, then log in to mig33 via our website or WAP site to activate your account and start your mig33 experience.

  • On what platforms can I use mig33?

    mig33 is currently available on five (5) main platforms:

    • JAVA (for JAVA enabled mobile phones)
    • Mobile browser (WAP)
    • PC browser
    • Android
    • BlackBerry®
  • How can I download and install the mig33 software on my mobile phone?

    To download and install the mig33 software on your mobile phone, please go to our WAP site. Select and download the version of mig33 that best suits your phone.

  • What kinds of phones are compatible with mig33?

    The mig33 software is compatible with most JAVA enabled and Android mobile phones.