Client Platforms

Users can access mig33 from a wide-spectrum of clients: from Java-enabled Feature Phones, the Mobile Web (WAP), a Web Browser, to Android smart-phones. With the mig33 Platform, you can develop an application that are easily portable and accessible through these wide-range of mediums.

the J2ME Client

The mig33 J2ME Client is a feature-rich mobile application that enables anyone to join the world’s largest mobile community. Available in English, Bahasa Indonesia, Hindi, Bengali, and Tagalog, it brings you Chatrooms, Groups, Avatars, Virtual Gifts, Games, and many other social entertainment.

Mobile Web (WAP)

The mig33 Mobile Web (WAP) client is a light-weight alternative to the mig33 J2ME Client for Feature Phones that are not capable of running Java applications. The client has social entertainment capabilities such as Groups, Avatars, and Games, but it does not support the real-time messaging and chat that the J2ME client provides.

the mig33 AJAX Client for Web Browsers

The mig33 Web client is for users who wish to enter the world of mig33 from their computer. With a much richer graphical user interface, the client provides a more compelling experience for social games.

the mig33 Android Client

The mig33 Android client is a feature-rich mobile entertainment application for your smartphone. You can always do more with the mig33 Android client, whether it’s chatting with friends, playing games, dressing up your avatar, or sending virtual gifts to newly found friends in the world’s largest mobile community.

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