The mig33 Platform gives you the ability to easily develop social applications that are integrated into the mig33 experience. Build, launch, reach and earn through the mig33 Platform and deliver engaging social experiences to the tens of millions of mig33 users in over 200 countries worldwide.

The mig33 Platform provides a set of RESTful Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for you to:

  • Know about your application’s users and their social graph
  • Enable your users to invite their friends and kick start a viral loop for your application
  • Inform your users and their friends of in-application events
  • Transact with your users and collect migCredits for purchases of in-game content

Developers can use the mig33 Platform to launch web-based applications for the mig33 J2ME, BlackBerry®, and Mobile Web (WAP) clients. In the near future, the Android platform will also be available for game development.

The mig33 Platform is also compatible with the GREE Platform and is built on the OpenSocial specification. This guarantees that the investment you make on the mig33 Platform can scale, allowing your application to reach out to more social networks and users world wide.

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