mig33 is a social networking service helping anyone to connect around the world with a mobile phone. Its core features include:


We're taking conversations to the next level with our Miniblog. You can also follow and have direct access to celebrities such as Slank (@slankband), Melanie Subono (@MelanieSubono), Last Child (@last.child) and many more! Share your thoughts wherever you are and read about the lives of anyone, all around the world.


Free instant messaging in public or private Chat Rooms with a host of emoticons and playful interactions to try – a great way to meet others nearby, in the next city, or continents away.


Customisable corners of the community allowing friends to link Chat Rooms, send announcements, post photos, and more.


An ever-growing catalogue of both free and premium games of every genre. Chat room games offer a casual diversion while chatting with friends and the latest batch of Social Games provide deep, engaging entertainment strengthened by integration to the mig33 social graph and its features.

Virtual Goods

Sending virtual gifts to others and customizing one’s own Avatar are two of the most popular activities in mig33. There are thousands of unique and attractive Virtual Goods, both free and premium, which allow the community to express itself instantly.

Merchant Program

Merchants are mig33 users who sell our virtual currency (migCredits) to others in their communities. The Merchant Program provides Merchants with business incentives to distribute migCredits and to promote applications and services within mig33. It is the main reason that mig33 and its Development Partners can monetise in markets where other networks cannot.